Advantages to consolidating student loans danger in internet dating

Advantages to consolidating student loans

If your current student loans have a variable interest rate, your monthly payments can change as the rate changes.If you refinance/consolidate into our FIXED rate loan, you’ll have the certainty of a constant monthly payment.Can I refinance or consolidate with an Advantage Refinance Loan if I have already refinanced or consolidated with another lender?

Are there any fees associated with an Advantage Refinance Loan?

There are no application, origination, guarantee or late fees, nor are there any prepayment penalties. All interest rates for the Advantage Refinance Loan are FIXED which, depending on the size of the loan, could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to other lenders.

Your interest rate will be based on your credit history along with other factors, and can be reduced even further if you use our auto-debit service. Borrowers may choose a 10-, 15-, 20- or 25-year repayment term. If you elect to make your payments with our electronic fund transfer (EFT) using a checking or savings account, your interest rate on the Advantage Refinance Loan may be reduced by 0.5%. Example: A loan having a 3.99% interest rate would be reduced to 3.49% while using our EFT service. Cosigners are generally only required if a borrower does not meet certain minimum requirements such as having a good credit history, being employed and meeting the income-to-debt ratio.

Your monthly payment amount will be based on the repayment term you choose. Applying with a creditworthy cosigner may help you qualify and/or receive a lower FIXED interest rate. Yes, a cosigner release option is available after 36 months of on-time, regularly-scheduled payments. When requesting a cosigner release, a credit review will be performed to insure the borrower meets certain credit and eligibility requirements.

Visit https://gov/sa/types/loans/federal-vs-private to learn about all the available options. Anyone who has entered grace or repayment on the loans they wish to refinance. Student borrowers may refinance/consolidate their education loans and any parent loans for which they are the benefitting student.

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