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Not long after leaving Canada, Deadpool met Weasel, whom he employed as an information broker and technology specialist and developed an abusive best friendship (on Deadpool's side) with him. This led Cable to discover her treachery and the two tracked Tolliver, Deadpool, and the real Domino down only for Deadpool to stab and nearly kill Vanessa.

Kane sought to protect her (or possibly use her as leverage) since the will made her a prime target for other mercenaries and opportunists looking to gain information on the mysterious prize.

For his part, Slayback merely desired to use her against Deadpool.

Unable to deal with the grief of killing an innocent woman, he lost his mind and adopted the identity of "Wade Wilson". He was then assigned by Tolliver to intimidate Vanessa when he considered her allegiance in question.

Deadpool's restored memories revealed this to be a lie; in T-Ray's account Wade was wearing his Deadpool costume, which he did not have until he joined Weapon X. He overcame Siryn and Shatterstar, then battled and defeated Vanessa.

He briefly joined the Secret Defenders alongside Luke Cage.

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His experiences with X-Force would cause him to meet and develop a crush on Siryn, the daughter of Banshee (although on their first meeting when he infiltrated X-Force's Adirondacks base to intimidate Copycat/Domino, he easily knocked her unconscious.) After the apparent "death" of Mr.

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