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The International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes is a set of recommendations to regulate the marketing of breast-milk substitutes, feeding bottles and teats.The Code aims to contribute "to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition for infants, by the protection and promotion of breastfeeding, and by ensuring the proper use of breast-milk substitutes, when these are necessary, on the basis of adequate information and through appropriate marketing and distribution".Cooperation from food manufacturers and distributors, health-care professionals, nongovernmental organizations and consumer organizations is essential in implementation of the Code and in protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding.One of the nine operational targets of the Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding is to take action to give effect to the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and subsequent relevant resolutions of the World Health Assembly.How to Store and Freeze Breast Milk and Save Freezer Space Things You’ll Need: Sterile Breast milk containers.You may use storage bags or other quality milk bags in lieu of bottles.If you are unsure if the containers are sterile, boil them in water for 5 minutes and let cool before using to collect/store your milk. Soap and water to wash hands before and after handling milk.Step 1 Follow OTB recommended Best practices and aseptic techniques for Expressing and handling your milk. Step 2 Make sure all containers are sterile and available to accept your milk donation before starting.

If you prefer containers, you may use sterile food grade plastic or glass containers.

Breast-milk substitutes should be available when needed, but not be promoted.

Implementation of the Code is the responsibility of governments, who can adopt legislation, regulations or measures such as national policies.

The Code was formulated in response to the realization that poor infant feeding practices were negatively affecting the growth, health and development of children, and were a major cause of mortality in infants and young children.

The Code is complemented by a series of subsequent resolutions that further clarify and define its provisions. If they are not breastfed the Code also advocates that infants be fed safely on the best available nutritional alternative.

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Following the aseptic hand-washing recommendation, Label and Fill your Storage container.

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