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Carbon dating real age earth

This essay introduces the technique and shows why it is so reliable.This essay discusses the ICR's Grand Canyon Dating Project, as proposed and executed by the ICR's Steve Austin.The participants were Bob Bales and Chris Stassen, both high-profile participants at the time of the debate.Light arriving from galaxies billions of light years away attests to the ancient age of the universe.See also Niel Brandt's Evolutionary and Geological Timelines.Radiometric dating and stratigraphic principles are combined to establish the conventional geological time scale.This essay, however, raises serious questions about Woodmorappe's methods.This document is the result of an attempted "formal" Usenet debate, with orderly turns between speakers, length limits, and a predetermined topic (the age of the earth).

In this article, the standard time scale used by geologists is depicted and described.Some young-earth creationists have tried to explain this evidence away by claiming that the speed of light has changed substantially.Scientists apply these principles to date rocks, which can then be used to assign ages to fossils.The isochron radiometric dating technique (and related ones) is widely used in isotope geology, and does not fall prey to many common creationist criticisms of radiometric dating.Austin has obtained some bad Rb-Sr isochron dates, although there are several serious questions regarding his methodology.

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John Woodmorappe has examined numerous studies of radiometric dating in the scientific literature and concludes that radiometric dating techniques are invalid.

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