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I know ex relationships can be hard but if you refrain from doing at least some of these things you’re going to have a much better experience AND you’ll get over your old flame a lot quicker than you can sing the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “we are never getting back together" via GIPHY The worst thing about waking up on a Sunday morning?

going on Facebook to see you spent your last waking minutes last night looking at his profile ** face palm ** if you haven’t unfriended him AT LEAST unfollow him.

(I think that was a bad analogy because I totally would) This will only prolong your getting-over-him time frame.

OR watch all the seasons of American Horror Story because that sh*t will take your mind off ANYTHING!Look, not going to lie, I probably should take my own advice on some of these.BUT maybe I made these mistakes in PREPARATION for writing this blog?And finally, don’t forget you’re a total super babe and someone is going to love the sh*t outta you BUT you also have to love the sh*t outta yourself. We also chat about his new single GO TO WORK and when he's coming back to The Border When I was younger (I can’t remember whether I dreamt it or it was real) but we had this massive ice block in the backyard and I remember just laying on it when it was really hot. I’ve already seen neighbours taking there bins out slurping on one of these bad boys.And, we all know this is not a good idea after one too many mojitos. Having done this before, you either feel a false sense of hope if he replies (you get excited and remember things) OR he replies kind of stand-off-ish OR, worse, he doesn’t reply at all and think about how bad you would feel if that happened before your fingers go wondering over your phones keypad Like I mentioned earlier, neither of you will benefit from this in any way.

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Yeah, he might have been a fantastic kisser but I think Nutella is fantastic too and I’m not going to let Nutella pass my lips all day every day!

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