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Omegle chat 18 sex

My question involves criminal law for the state of: DC I'm 18 and I think I sex chatted with a 16 or 17 year old once or twice on omegle.Not for more than 5 minutes (not that it would matter I guess).The other thing I'm worried about are all the naked minors on Chatroulette.Can someone actually get caught for viewing child porn on that site? And about chatroulette, what I read was that if anyone would get in trouble it would be the site's owner because he doesn't put up a warning saying you must be 18+ because of graphic material or something like that.Not sure how it would work but I am not a computer programmer either.

Yeah I just didn't realize that sex chatting was considered illegal.

And if the age of consent is 16, I figured it wouldn't be bad to chat...

I feel so stupid and I'm just so worried that I've ruined my life forever if I get caught. And if there are thousands of people on there I can't imagine they would all get prosecuted? to chatroullette; the website specifically provides a TOS that states such activity is not allowed.

I'm just freaking out because the few chats, and the chatroulette viewings, and now posting this question all seem to be adding up, and now I keep thinking the police are watching my every move and are going to knock on my door any second :''''(. EDIT: Also, in the grand scheme of things, is what I did so bad considering there was no solicitation or more drastic stuff like that? The last I heard, they are actually working on a program that would automatically terminate any participant that showed their genitals.

It is not illegal to see a naked kid running down the street.

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Just the same, it is not illegal to accidentally view such on chatroullette. to chatroullette; the website specifically provides a TOS that states such activity is not allowed.

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